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Residential Home Inspection Services

Buyer's Inspection

Home Inspection Services are primarily done at the behest of home buyers.  The buyer should have several days to complete a home inspection before waive conditions.  In the current market inspections are rarely possible.  You may convince a seller to allow an inspection prior to submitting an offer.  If an inspection is not completed prior to closing having your own inspector, an experienced professional with no other motives but to investigate and educate you, the home owner. 

If you have a pet you have a Vet: If you own a home you should have a Home Inspector. 

I promise to go above and beyond to give customers the best value, protection, and decision making power for their money.

Seller's Inspection

One of the most significant advantages that a home seller can have is full disclosure of information on the condition of their property in advance of listing.  Having a home inspection before placing your home on the market is the most ideal way to avoid surprises and unexpected costly repairs that might affect the selling price and attractiveness of your home.  I will provide a complete and thorough inspection to alert you to issues that can be resolved before prospective buyers ever view your house.

Warranty Inspection

Having a warranty inspection done before your newly-built home's warranty period expires is a great way to ensure that you get full value from the warranty that you have purchased!  Most homeowners do not expect problems to arise in new-home ownership; but issues arising from the unseen areas, like the roof or attic, can go undetected until a critical time, usually long after the warranty period has expired.  I have found leaking showers 15-years after closing - the secondary ensuite was never fully tested.  The Home Inspector can save you from unexpected repairs after the warranty period ends by identifying them early, while there is still opportunity to take advantage of warranty coverage.

Home Inspection Reports

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